Dyslexic Reading Program


Why is our reading program easier for dyslexics?

Dyslexics can learn faster with pictures! "Memorable" hand-drawn pictures were created for each phonetic sound. Pictures give dyslexics and slower learners "something concrete" to which they can "relate". This "Viewing Of Sounds" is an "Extra Medium Of Learning"... and speeds up the learning process. Dyslexics love rules and simplicity... something for them to follow. Everything in our program is done as simply as possible. We "consolidate phonetic sounds". We use many sensory perceptions, either independently or at the same time... giving the dyslexic additional ways to learn. There is total participation, which keeps the dyslexic on task. We repeat and spell sounds for clarity. There is Instant feedback for accuracy. With DVD's, the dyslexic has the ability to keep going over the same lesson until it is learned. Because we have so many unique teaching techniques, dyslexics are able to find a way that "Works For Them."

Most dyslexics will be able to teach themselves all the phonetic skills they will ever need to know. They can feel proud of themselves!

At this time I want to tell you thanks for putting together your program, and allowing me to finally grasp the ability to not only read, but find great pleasure in it. It's been an emotional transition.

I ordered your course a couple of months ago, and if you would have told me that I would be able to read today as well as I do, I would not have believed it. I am 39 years old. I have spent my life not being able to read. Out of fear and desperation, I searched to find help, and stumbled across your program.

At this time I would like you to know that I have just read my first book from cover to cover, "Life Strategies" by Dr. Phillip C. McGraw. After four weeks of studying your material, I was able to read and understand what I read. I have never been able to enjoy reading a book until now, and prior to this time spent needless energy covering up my inability to read. I'm even starting to pursue furthering my education.

Thank you for your program, and the ability to read.