Beginner to Adult !

1. 4 DVDs... Our main program!  All the phonics you will ever need to know!  Self-taught pictured all level program!

2. 2 CDs / Free Self-Taught Spelling Program / Spelling Correction sheets

3. Grade Level Test / Grade Level Words

4. Information Sheet

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Easier with Flash Cards!
We now offer on flash cards the same pictures as on the DVDs. 329 "unique pictures" have been created for phonetic sounds. Pictures speed-up the learning process, and the flash cards are a "learning hand held tool".  Additional categories (not on the DVDs) are: Possessions, Plurals, Homonyms , Prefixes
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ABC Grammar Rules

1. 62 (8.5x5.5) Flashcards

2. 22 Pages of Questions and Answers

3. Quick and easy reference for grammar rules. 

4. Cards are numbered, labeled, and color coded.


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ABC Read - Self-Taught Phonics and Spelling

The same order page is used for all 3 products (DVDS, Flashcards, Grammar)... with discounts that apply when ordering more than one product.

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So Simple Children & Adults Can Teach Themselves to Read!  

(Adults should finish in 3 weeks!)




1. Four DVDs will teach you a complete pictured reading program (Beginner to Adult).  Free with the DVD reading program, you will receive two CDS for spelling & reading 90% of the most used words in the English language.                                                                     2. 329 Colored Pictured Flashcards... Economy Size (5.5x3.5) or Large Size (8.5x5.5).  Purchase separately or with DVDs and CDs. (Most pictures are on the DVDs.) The flashcards are a great study tool and have 4 extra sections:  Plurals, Possessions, Prefixes, and Homonyms.                                                                                                                        3.  ABC Grammar has sixty-two (8.5x5.5) cardstock pages of grammar. Included are        22 pages of a self-quiz with answers.                                                                                         4. 1000 non-pictured sounds on Flash Cards (5.5x3.5).  Many sections have words applied to the sounds.

                         NO BOOKS! NO PENCILS !! NO PAPERS!!!                                 SEE the pictures! SEE the spelling and HEAR the pronunciation of the phonetic sounds! The cute pictures will help you remember!!  It’s like watching a movie! We teach you how to sound out words and how to form syllables. We give you helpful reading hints! Just put the DVDS in your DVD player or your computer. It‘s all self-taught! There are 21 sections with test and instant answers right on the DVDS! Our flashcards are a “hands on reading tool”. The pictured flashcards have additional information... but are not required.

Pictures are an amazing learning tool. We learn 3 to 4 times faster with pictures! Pictures give our minds “something” to which it can connect and relate. Children and adults with dyslexia can learn to read with the aid of pictures. Our self-taught reading program will help anyone at any age with their reading and spelling problems!

Free Spelling Program on CDs. Give yourself a spelling test! Our reading program also includes a free spelling program. Two CDs will pronounce 1680+words for you to give yourself a spelling test. Included, are correction sheets so you can circle and correct your words. On the CDs are 1-6 syllable words... 90% of the words we use daily in our spoken and written language. Younger students will not be able to complete the spelling test.


I am very grateful for my job as a model. There is a lot of competition in this line of work, and I have always been fearful of someone finding out that I was a poor reader. At parties that I have attended, they have played games that required reading board cards. While playing the game, I was always worried about having to read out loud a card with a word on it that I would not know. After embarrassing myself a few times, I knew that I had to find a way to become a better reader.

While on the internet, I noticed your program, and I thought I would give it a try. After finishing your program, I have since found out that I was not the only one who needed help with reading. I now find myself helping others read words they do not know!!

I am so glad I improved my reading skills. I have more confidence in myself.